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Welcome to Alaskan Axolotls, everyone’s favorite online Axolotl store! 

What’s an Axolotl? Axolotls are an aquatic pet. Axolotls are part of the salamander family, but exist purely in neotenic state. That means they don’t usually complete the metamorphosis into land dwelling animals. With rare exception, Axolotls are 100% aquatic. 

They origated in one (yes, just that one) lake in Mexico. When they were discovered, scientists world-wide were impressed and fascinated by their amazing ability to regenerate limbs, feet, tails (and more). They were brought  to the US to be studied. Their original DNA was combined with other amphibian/salamander species. As a result, the pet Axolotls were created! 

Today, most axolotls thrive in captivity as “derpy” pets. They are known for their constant smile. Axolotls can live for 10-16 years. They grow to lengths of 10-12 inches. Axolotls are a cold water pet. Axolotls come in a variety of colors... and many shades of each of those colors! Some of these remarkable pets expres the GFP gene -- they glow in blue light! They all continue to show off their amazing limb regeneration abilities.     

Unfortunately, their wild cousins in Mexico are nearly extinct. Their lake is heavily polluted as the cities grew around it.  There are conservation efforts in place for the truly wild Mexican Axolotls. Alaskan Axolotls will have one annual  fundraiser for one of those conservation groups. 

Our blog will eventually contain care guides and other helpful resources.  Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

- The Gibbs Family 


Policies at Alaskan Axolotls

In today’s online shopping market, we believe that honesty is the best policy. That’s why we designed the most generous, fair and transparent store policy for our customers. Read the following sections to find out more about our DOA policy and how we ship your new pet.

Ignoring the terms of our store’s policy does not invalidate them. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

Alaskan Axolotls strives to produce excellent pet Axolotls and guaranteeing live arrival for each and every animal we ship. We take great care and consideration when packing and shipping. FedEx and USPS are the available shippers here. All animals will be double bagged and packed in an appropriate insulated box with an ice pack. Prior to USPS and non-overnight shipping, animals will be fasted to prevent ammonia build up during shipping.  


Axolotls begin to mature into adults and develop their gender between 9-18 months old. It can be very difficult to guarantee "male" or "female" in axolotls that haven't been bred.  Alaskan Axolotls staff will do our best to match customer's requests for specific gender pets. However, gender cannot be guaranteed.  

DOA Policy

Below we will review our DOA policy and live guarantee in detail. Not reading our policies will not void the customers responsibilities. 

DOA (Dead on arrival) animals are very rare, but if it does happen customers  need to be familiar with our policy.

If you do receive a DOA animal, you must take clear photographs of the animal, the packaging, and shipping label.  Call or message us the pictures within 2 hours of arrival. We will review your claim ASAP. Upon approval of your claim, you have a couple options. 

The first option is having us ship you a replacement animal (if available). The shipping costs of the replacement animal will be the responsibility of the customer. If the replacement animal is DOA, we would then refund your purchase price (excluding the shipping costs). 

The second option in the case of a DOA animal is an immediate refund (excluding the shipping costs). 

Our customers are so important to us. We are committed to work with all our customers to come to a reasonable solution. Each situation is unique and we will do our best to resolve each one.   We promise to do our best to find solutions. 

Eggs: We carefully monitor eggs after they are laid. We only ship "beaned" (developing) eggs. We try to add an extra egg or two to each shipment. We cannot guarantee that any of the eggs will hatch. However, we do our best to send them out in safe packaging: double bagged, inside insulated boxes with an ice pack. There will be no replacements or refunds on eggs that do not develop/hatch. 

Wholesale: If on shipping day there are not enough juveniles to send to buyer, Alaskan Axolotls will attempt to contact buyer to discuss a solution. Possible solutions include but are not limited to: substitution, back order, or prorated refund.

1.) Temperatures:  During the shipping process, the shipper and the buyer both assume risk. If temperatures at the delivery zip code fall below 38F or rise above 95F, the live arrival guarantee and extended guarantee are null and void.  Please research your local temperatures prior to ordering.
2.) Absence:  Buyer (or buyer's representative) has the responsibility of being present at the time of estimated arrival. If the buyer/rep is not present for the delivery attempt, the live arrival guarantee is null and void.

3.) Facility hold: If the shipment was pre-arranged to be held at the shipping facility, the buyer is responsible for picking up the shipment within 8 hours (or prior to facility's closure) of arrival at the said facility. Failure to do so nulls and voids the live arrival guarantee. 
4.) Bad address: Customer is responsible for submitting an accurate shipping address.  If customer gives us an undeliverable address, the live arrival guarantee is void.
5.) Failure to communicate: If you do not contact us within 2 hours of delivery or pick-up with DOA and shipping label photographs, the live arrival guarantee is voided.
5.) Carrier delays: Alaskan Axolotls is not responsible for carrier delays, but may make exceptions on a case-by-case basis. 

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Our Shipping Policy

Axolotls can only be shipped within the Legal United States. It is illegal to ship to CA, VA, ME, NJ, and DC. Some other states (HI and NM) require an import permit prior to shipping. 

Customers are responsible for all shipping costs. There is also a $5 handling charge per shipment. 

We use FedEx and USPS to ship Axolotls via either 2 day or 3 day shipping. Next day shipping is available by request. 

When you are ordering your axolotl, it will be up to you to choose the correct shipping option you prefer depending on how many axolotls you are purchasing. 

We can usually fit 2-4 juveniles or 1-2 adults in one box. All pets are double bagged and shipped with an ice packet and insulation. 

FedEx 2day shipping will cost approximately $35. This is always the preferred and safest method. 

USPS Priority mail is also available. Many of my shipments have gone this route.  It is usually around $25 for one adult or 2 juveniles. Just keep in mind the box will be travelling for at least 3 days.   

Wholesale orders (10 or more juveniles) are shipped Fedex. Most boxes cost $55 to ship. Shipping rates vary per size and regions. Message us for a quote. 

We want to make shipping as affordable as possible with as little risk to the axolotls of course!

If you are interested in purchasing multiple axolotls we will do our best to find the most efficient/affordable solution.

Please contact us if you have any questions! Call/text on phone or PM on my Facebook Messenger is preferred.

907-643-0342 (mobile phone)

Facebook messenger: Alaskan Axolotls 


About us

We are the Gibbs Family here in Soldotna, Alaska. We live on the Kenai River.  We enjoy the beauty of rural Alaska in a population of approximately 4000 in the dead of winter and then 10-20,000 in our glorious (but short) summer. I’m the Mama of this great family. I’ve always had a passion for aquatics. Growing up on the East Coast of the US gave me the opportunity to attend Marine Biology classes and visit some of the best Zoos and Aquariums. I was happy when our youngest daughter showed interest in aquatics too. After setting up a few aquariums we decided to step out of our comfort zone and try our hand at raising and keeping Axolotls. We realized that these interesting little squishies are an awesome pet! We dedicate ourselves to raising healthy, high quality Axolotls.   Browse through our product gallery and experience shopping with Alaskan Axolotls for yourself. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with questions, comments or suggestions.


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